Lifts & Ramps

Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies & Equipment, we carry the highest quality lifts & ramps for your needs. We carry top brands including, EZ Access, Harmar, Tri-Lift, Pride Mobility, and Diestco. All of our best selling lifts & ramps are in stock and ready to be delivered to your home. We offer same-day or next day delivery on our lifts & ramps for local customers in the greater Los Angeles, CA area. We offer the best customer service and best pricing on all of our lifts & ramps. Please call now and one of our trained staff embers will be happy to help you.

  • Wheelchair Ramps: A Wheelchair Ramp is a flat surface plane positioned at an angle, providing users with wheelchairs a safe alternative to stairs. This allows those with wheelchairs easier access to entering cars, buildings, etc. There are various types of ramps, including Single Fold Ramps, Multi Fold Ramps, Threshold Ramps, Solid Ramps and Custom Pathway Ramps.
  • Manual Wheelchair Car Lifts: Manual Wheelchair Car Lifts save users interior space and preserves storage all while still transporting the needed manual wheelchair. The car lift attaches to the back of most vehicles, providing space for the wheelchair to be attached to it as the car drives. These types of car lifts are designed for manual wheelchairs.
  • Power Wheelchair Car Lifts: Power Wheelchair Car Lifts have the same concept as Manual Wheelchair Car Lifts, as their purpose is to keep the wheelchair attached to the lift from the outside of the car, preserving space and storage. The main difference is that Power Wheelchair Car Lifts are specifically designed for Power Wheelchairs.
  • Mobility Scooter Car Lifts: Mobility Scooter Car Lifts are designed to transport Mobility Scooters. This is done through car lifts, which are placed outside of the vehicle as it drives. The car lift is designed to be sturdy and convenient for every user. Mobility Scooter Car Lifts are specific for Mobility Scooters.