Mattresses & Support Surfaces

Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies we carry a large selection of Mattresses & Support Surfaces for sale. Top quality brands including Invacare, Roho, Joerns Healthcare, Graham Field, and Hill-Rom. Our best selling Mattresses & Support Surfaces are in stock and on display in our Los Angeles Showroom for customers to come and try out. We offer the guaranteed lowest prices, call us today for helps in choosing the right mattress for your needs. 

What are Hospital Bed Mattresses?

Hospital bed mattresses are fairly a well-defined and universal field of medical supplies, with numerous created to target the most exact illnesses. The hospital bed mattresses we have here at Daily Care Medical Supplies are constructed of foam, air, or a compound of the two. Both foam and air mattresses hold their own distinct advantages. Most hospital bed mattresses are designed to work with hospital beds acknowledging that they efficiently accommodate standard bed arrangements. In addition, hospital bed mattresses are capable of bending by the positioning of a patient.

What are Air Mattresses?

Air mattresses use low air loss treatment and alternating pressure to initiate the blood flow within the body of a patient. The mattress overlays are compressed with air, composed of many air cylinders arranged alongside each other. Various amounts of patients feel that these types of mattresses are the most enjoyable and comforting.

What are Foam Mattresses?

Foam mattresses permit patients to feel proper pressure prevention and absolute alignment of their spine. Foam mattresses contain a base, customarily made up of high-density foam, to hinder sagging and increase the mattress's sturdiness. Foam mattresses can even contain softer foams to provide a cushioned exterior for sleeping.