Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed Package

Hill-Rom (Model: ES100, CareAssistES)
List Price: $14,750.00
Price: $13,939.00
What's Included
FREE Fitted Sheet Set
FREE Side Rails
2 Year Limited Warranty
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For patients searching for a hospital quality bed f, look no further. The Hill-Rom CareAssist is the bed used in 80% of hospitals across the United States. The Hill-Rom CareAssist is a high-end hospital bed that has incredible patient safety and comfort. The bed offers advanced positioning allowing for an infinite number of various positions. Along with this, the bed also has drop down rails that can cover the entire bed, which works great for patients who have a fall risk. RX Required.

Weight Weight Capacity Sleep Surface Width Sleep Surface Length Warranty
425 lbs 500 lbs. 36" 80"-84" 1 Year Limited

Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed Package

The CareAssist® ES Medical Surgical bed provides essential and dependable technologies for delivering effective quality care. The CareAssist ES Med Surg bed provides easy to use solutions to help caregivers manage patient safety, comfort, and positioning. With its transport capabilities and easy maintenance, this Med Surg bed meets the fundamental needs of the care setting.

The CareAssist ES Deluxe High-End Home Care Bed is the ultimate Medical Surgical bed. This bed is known for its popularity in the hospital settings; however, it is now available for personal use in home care settings, as well. With over 14 features, this high tech bed provides maximal comfort and safety. Bedside care time can be cut in half due to all the various positioning settings and practicality. It is also easier for the user to operate, as well. Furthermore, the CareAssist Home Care Bed has the ability to extend up to 84" length.  

Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Medical Surgical Bed Package Features:

  • Smart Bed technology enabled for connectivity with NaviCare® Nurse Call, other nurse call systems and EMRs.
  • SafeView® alerts
  • Bed exit monitoring system with Hill-Rom’s patented three-level detection algorithms
  • Nightlight
  • Audible “brake not set” alarm
  • SlideGuard® bed articulation technology with autocontour
  • Electric vascular foot position
  • Integrated scale
  • Point-of-Care® nurse controls
  • One-button dining chair®
  • Intellidrive® powered transport or central 5th steering wheel
  • Automatic battery backup
  • SideCom® nurse call and entertainment controls
  • One-hand bed extender

Frame width40" (102 cm)
Frame length with head/footboard (w/ bumpers)90" (228.60 cm)
Sleep deck:
width36" (91.44 cm)
normal length80" (203.20 cm)
extended length84" (213.36 cm)
Bed clearance under frame7.5" (19.05 cm)
Optional scale system
accuracy1% of patient weight
weigh in any positionyes
scale repeatability0.2% of patient weight
Low position floor to deck15.75" (40 cm)
High position floor to deck32.5" (82.55 cm)
Max head elevation65°
Max Trend and Reverse Trend16°
Caster size5.7" (14.5 cm)
Weight limit (safe working load)500 lb (226.8 kg)
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty