Hydraulic Stand Up Patient Lift Rental

Invacare (Model: Rent-GHS350)
Monthly: $150.00
What's Included
Sit-To-Stand Lift
Rent-to-Buy (Apply 1st Months Rental Towards Purchase)
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The Hydraulic Stand Up Patient Lift Rental by Invacare is an affordable option for customers in need of standing transfers. The lift features a unique sit to stand system that offers various adjustments for lifting the patient. The lift has 2 sling options available for purchase with the rental. One sling is the traditional standing sling, that will help get the patient up in a standing position. The other sling is the seated transfer, where the patient will be able to transfer in a seated position.

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Weight Weight Capacity
90 lbs. 350 lbs.

Hydraulic Stand Up Patient Lift Rental

Sling NOT included, price varies by sling type

Hydraulic stand-up lift is the answer to your patient transfer needs. The hydraulic stand-up lift helps ensure caregiver security and patient peace of mind. Ideal for use with partial weight-bearing patients as well as those needing rehabilitation support, the stand-up lift offers safety, comfort and stability. All our rental equipment is either brand new or in a good condition, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental.

Sling Options (Sold Separately)

Choose between standing sling or seated transfer sling for your patient lift rental.

Standing Sling
R130/131 Invacare Standing Sling 

Purchase Price $139 + Tax

  • Can help transfer from bed to chair or chair to bed
  • Polyester fabric can be used in wet or dry environments
  • Brushed lining helps prevent sliding and protects skin
  • Standard and Extra Large Size Available 
Full Body Sling
R134/136 Invacare Transport Sling (Seated Transfer)

Purchase Price $149 + Tax

  • Can help transfer from bed to chair or chair to bed.
  • Lifts Patient In A Seated Position 
  • Standard and Extra Large Size Available
Weight 88.0 lbs
Product Type Hydraulic | Stand Up
Manufacturer Invacare
Overall Height 36" - 65"
Ground Clearance 4.5"
Base Length 40.5"
Base Width (Closed) 23"
Base Width (Open) 37"
Front Wheel Size 3"
Rear Wheel Size 5"
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty on Hydraulic Pump
3-Year Limited Warranty on Lift