Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator

Invacare (Model: IRC5PO2V)
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Features Invacare SensO2 oxygen monitor designed to reduce unscheduled maintenance.

Weight Liters Per Minute Sound Level Length Width Height Warranty
40 lbs. 5 LPM 43 dB 12" 13.00" 23.00" 3 Year Limited

Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator

The robust design on the 5-liter Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator includes an Invacare HomeFill system port for inventory flexibility and a user-accessible reset button to minimize emergency service calls.

Invacare Perfecto2 V Oxygen Concentrator Features:

  • User-friendly design with easy-to-see and understand control panel
  • Easy access to humidifier bottle and filter
  • Low noise level allows for use during sleep
  • Convenient top handle makes it easy to move
  • Three separate filters assure oxygen purity
Manufacturer Invacare
Product Type Oxygen Concentrators
Dimensions 23"H x 13"W x 11.5"D
Oxygen Flow 5 LPM
Oxygen Altitude 6,000 ft. w/HomeFill System, 8,000 ft.
Flow Range 0.5-5 LPM
Maximum Outlet Pressure 5 +/- 0.5 PSI
Relief Mechanism 35 PSI +/- 3.5 PSI
Concentration Levels 95.6%-87% At All Flow Rates
Filters Cabinet, Compressor Inlet, Outlet HEPA
Electrical 120 VAC +/- 10% @ 60 Hz
Rated Current Input 3.0 A
Power Consumption 325 W @ 3 LPM
Warranty 3 Years
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty