Joerns EasyCare Hospital Bed Package

Joerns Healthcare (Model: ECSBED)
List Price: $2,205.00
Price: $1,941.00
What's Included
Free Assist Handles
Free Hand Pendant
Lifetime Limited Warranty

With mobility at any height, UltraLock wheels and easy steering this bed is a great option for facility and home use.

Weight Weight Capacity Sleep Surface Width Sleep Surface Length Warranty
220-279lbs. 500lbs. 35", 39", 42" 80" Lifetime Limited Warranty

Joerns EasyCare Hospital Bed Package

EasyCare Hospital Bed is a configurable bed designed to adapt to the needs of individual caregivers and patients. The ability to easily configure and adjust the bed for specific patient needs make the EasyCare more user-friendly. This bed offers expandable width, a pedal locking system, a reinforced sleep deck, panel retentions, and mattress corner stops. A grid deck surface supports the mattress and offers better airflow for less heat buildup. Mattress stops are standard and help keep the mattress in place, under the patient. An EasyLift Leg Positioner offers quick positioning of the knee section to help improve blood circulation. A baseboard bumper protects your bed frame as well as walls and furniture. Heavy-duty casters provide greater mobility along with roll-at-any-height mobility and CareLock safety to prevent the bed from rolling unintentionally. Four whisper-quite DC motors power the full-electric hospital bed functions. Enjoy a feature-rich hospital bed within the confines of your own homecare setting.

Enhanced Features and New Options:

  • Intuitive two-pedal locking system is centrally positioned at the foot end of the bed and easily visible due to colorcoded status indicators. Available as a standard option with the roll-at-any height configuration.
  • Integrated width extension provides a sleep surface that expands and retracts from 35", 39" and 42" and quickly adjusts to move through doorways while compliant to HBSW entrapment guidelines. Available at time of order.
  • A restructured and more robust sleep surface and panel mounting mechanism designed to provide added stability and extended product life.
  • Corner mattress stops provide greater security of the mattress surface and easily adjust to the expanded widths of the frame up to 42 inches.
  • AdvanceCare positioning now available as an option on EasyCare. Includes Gravity Assist, Comfort Chair, and Auto-Transfer Height functionality.

A. 7-inch to 30-inch travel range offers safety, whether resting at an ultra low height or providing care at the highest height.

B. Revolutionary arched legs deliver a super-strong wide stance for equipment clearance.

C. Four-section mattress support platform offers a full range of comfort and therapeutic positions designed to reduce patient and caregiver injuries and potentially reduce shear.

D. Therapeutic grid surface offers improved airflow and ultimate support for the newly reinforced sleep surface.

E. Hand pendant and optional staff control allow both patient and caregiver the flexibility to adjust the bed into the desired position for comfort or care needs.

F. Toroidal architecture engineering of the bed’s steel frame is up to 30 times stronger than competitor’s angle iron bed frames.

G. EasyLift Leg Lift provides quick positioning of the knee section of the bed for improved circulation – ideal for patients with blood flow disorders.

H. Four DC motors supply amazingly quiet and smooth operation during frame articulation. The EasyCare now features a 4-year warranty on the frame electronics.

Bed Length 80" or 76"
Bed Width 35", 39" or 42" with Integrated Width or CareWide Accessory
Safe Working Load 500 lbs
Product Weight Roll-in-Low 220 lbs
Product Weight Roll-at-any-Height 279 lbs
Sleep Surface Travel Range 7" to 30"
Underbed Clearance 23¾"
Max. Back Angle 65 degrees to horizontal
Max. Knee Angle 35 degrees to horizontal
Safety Standards: UL60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.1, IEC 60601-2-38, CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 601.2.38
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty