LEVO C3 Standing Power Wheelchair

LEVO (Model: LEVO-C3)
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Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range Warranty
407 lbs. 310 lbs. 43" 3.7/ 5 /6.2 mph 15.5 miles 2 Year Limited

LEVO C3 Standing Power Wheelchair

Power Function Available: Tilt & Power Stand Up Mechanism.

Levo C3 standing power wheelchair is compact, agile, easy to handle and extremely powerful four-wheel drive wheelchair. C3 power wheelchair is perfect for active people on the move. The Levo C3 wheelchair's drive system turns a maneuverable mid-wheel base into a powerful, climbing 4 wheel drive action base. The Levo C3 wheelchair is ideal for classroom, work or home.

Levo C3 gives the client a tight turning radius and agile maneuverability of a mid-wheel base and at the same time incorporates a new generation advancement in the famous Levo low shearing standing systems. Incredibly smooth transition to standing including the automatic wheel base adjustment. Now you have a front wheel drive base for unparalleled driving stability and response in the standing position.

  • Easy adjustment to individual body measurements
  • Low seat height for transfer and driving under tables
  • Numerous health benefits due to more frequent standing
  • Engineered chairs and biomechanics in all seating and standing positions
  • Automatic lengthening/matching the extension of the back and legs during transition to standing and seating
Power base
  • Crawls over curbs up to 4"
  • Climbs ramps easily up to 15°/33%
  • Solid, secure and safe brake action
  • Off road/rough surface traction capability
  • Multiple programming options for maximum choice
  • 4WD: four powered wheels for superior traction and agility
  • User weight up to 310 lbs.
  • Seat width 12.6" up to 20.5"
  • User-friendly, simple handling
  • Maximum safety in all positions
  • Small dimension, compact transport volume
  • Colors - 4 standard colors (blue, red, yellow, black)
  • Easy accessibility for maintenance and service updates
  • Compact maneuverability for tight spaces (turning circle 43")
  • High battery capacity: range up to 15.5 mi, optional up to 21.7 mi
  • Individually and manually adjustable for upper and lower leg, foot position and back angle
Services available:
  • resna certified assistive technology practitioner (ATP)
  • please call us for product customization as per your requirements
Levo C3 Standing power wheelchair
Seat width (SW) 12.6" / 14.2" / 15.7" / 17.3" / 18.9" / 20.5"
Total width (W) 24.8"
Total length (L) 41.3"
Total height (incl. V-Trak 16.1") (H) 39.4"
Seat height (w/o seat cushion) 18.1"
Seat plate depth 13.8" - 24.8"
Arm rest height 5.9" - 14.1"
Turning circle 43"
Speed 3.7/ 5 /6.2 mph
Range (with 55Ah Batteries) 15.5 miles
Manageable gradient 15° (33%)
Max. curb height 4"
Max. chair weight 407 lbs.
Max. user weight 310 lbs.
Transport volume max. 37.8" x 24.8" x 27.1"
Discrepancies in the measurements may arise due to wheelchair modifications
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty