Med-Mizer Standard Active Care Bed

List Price: $7,974.00
Price: $5,679.00

One of a kind design allows for users to transfer in and out of the bed frame with the push of a button independently.

Weight Weight Capacity Sleep Surface Width Sleep Surface Length Warranty
450 lbs 600 lbs 35" 80" Lifetime Limited

Med-Mizer Standard Active Care Bed

The Med-Mizer Standard Active Care Bed is a unique hospital bed. The bed features an Electric Head, Foot, and Base that electrically adjusts up and down via hand remote. The unique function that this bed has is the automatic pivot system. The bed is able to split in between the middle and pivot to one side allowing for the patient to get in and out of the bed safetly and with ease. The hassle of getting in and out of a standard hospital bed is now made easier, reducing strain on the patient and caretaker. With the push of a button a patient can independently get into and out of the bed frame with safety and ease.

Med-Mizer Standard Active Care Bed:

  • Ideal for homecare, skilled care, palliative and hospice care, rehabilitation and long-term care.
  • Safely enter and exit the bed with the built-in stand assist, all with the push of a button allowing for safe independent transfers.
  • Egress/Ingress is safer for the caregiver by not subjecting them to pulling or lifting the resident out of the bed in an unsafe manner, which may lead to back injury.
  • Improves the level of in-room physical therapy.
  • Promotes better positioning and comfort with the full chair position
  • Enhances early mobility and promotes independence.
  • Special rollers on head section prevent the mattress from bunching in the seated position preventing unwanted pressure to the lower back.
  • Simplifies transfers. Just one push of a button
  • Pressure relieving mattress with a high level of comfort
  • Achieve a high fowler position (close to 90º) for residents who need to sit in an upright position.
  • Weight Capacity 600 lbs
    Weight 385 lbs
    Bed Height 12.5" to 27.5"
    Max Back Angle 80°
    Trendelenburg Trendelenburg Position
    Reverse Trendelenburg Position
    Massage No
    Length 80"
    Clearance 23.75"
    Width 36" to 42"
    Knee Angle 30°