Power / Electric Patient Lift Rental

Bestcare (Model: Rent-PL228)
Weekly: $250.00
Monthly: $350.00
What's Included
Bestcare PL228 Patient Lift
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The Electric Patient Lift rental is great for patients in need of transferring assistance. The lift will be able to lift out of hospital beds and right into a wheelchair. The lift is easy to operate and only requires one user helping the patient in need of the transfer. The lift raises electrically with a hand remote, allowing for a slow and safe transfer process. The lift is on wheels and can be wheeled around a home with the patient safety lifted. The electric patient lift makes transferring easy and helps both the patient and caregivers.

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Weight Weight Capacity
96 lbs. 500 lbs.

Power / Electric Patient Lift Rental

Sling NOT included, price varies by sling type

Too often, not using patient lifts lead to caregiver back injuries. Using an electric patient lift can make transport situations safe and affordable for everyone involved. The new higher lift range allows easy access to beds, chairs, toilets, floors, and tubs (with at least 4.5in clearance). Electronic system includes two 24-volt batteries: one for lift, one for battery-charging station; a manual emergency lowering device, and anti-entrapment if boom meets any resistance while lowering. Height range allows lifting from floor and high surfaces. Removable battery pack eliminates downtime and simplifies the charging process. Safety-tested for highest quality standards. Base legs adjust easily and lock securely into open position with the padded shifter handle. Total pinch-point protection covers all moving parts for added safety. Manual lowering for instant response to power loss. Padded swivel bar with 360 degrees rotation and six-point hookup allows use of chain-free slings as well as older-style slings with chains or straps. Covered base provides protection against wear, dirt and moisture. All our rental equipment is either brand new or in a good condition, thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after every rental.

Sling Options (Sold Separately)

Choose between cross leg or full body for your patient lift rental.

Cross Leg Sling
Disposable Cross Leg Sling 

Purchase Price $45 + Tax

  • Easy to put under the patient and attach to lift
  • Can be removed from patient while in the wheelchair 
  • Leaves Posterior End area open for toileting
Full Body Sling
Full Body Sling W/ Commode Opening 

Purchase Price $169 + Tax

  • Safe and Easy to use.
  • Must stay under patient while in wheelchair.
  • Commode opening located in the posterior.
Washable Cross Leg Sling
Washable Cross Leg Sling 

Purchase Price $109 + Tax

  • Easy to put on or under the patient due to the cross leg design
  • Reusable and washable for long lasting use.
  • Multiple sizes available 
Lifts Patient from Floor Yes
Disassembles for Transport/Storage No
Maximum Capacity 500Lb / 228Kg
Base Legs Length 44.9”
Base Closed External Width 24.9”
Based Open External Width 42.9”
Mast Height 48.3”
Base Height 4.5”
Min. Lifting Height 25.8”
Max. Lifting Height 69.1”
Product Weight 96Lb / 43.6Kg
Shipping Weight 104Lb / 47.6Kg