Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System

Alber USA (Model: T24)
List Price: $7,265.00
Price: $4,669.00

Twion fits almost every standard active wheelchair and provides extra power for each start-up movement to comfortably travel longer distances or easily climb slopes.

Weight Weight Capacity Top Speed Drive Range
2 x 13 lbs. 265 lbs. 6 mph 13 Miles

Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System

Push Boundaries with the Alber Twion. In today's world, one thing matters more than anything: mobility. Therefore, we want transporting devices that are adapted  to this dynamic lifestyle: efficient, smart and fun to drive.

With twion, it is possible to expand possibilities and to reach the highest level of independence. The state of the art electric motors equipped with the most modern software and electronics and provide enough extra power with each push on the rim to comfortably overcome longer stretches or to easily surmount slopes. The driving  sensor, positioned on the push rim, continuously and precisely determines the correct amount of assistance. This way the wheelchair driver remains active while comfortably reaching the desired destination.

Twion Basic Power Drive Wheel System Features:

Feel the Speed

Feel the speed – faster and further than ever before

Modern lithium batteries in the wheel hubs provide the twion with sufficient energy to push your driving speed up to 10 km/h and to reach longer distances without strain. This way you can enjoy maximum flexibility in every day life.

Be independent

Be independent

Cars play a central role in our mobile world and have become almost indispensable. The twion can be easily transported in  a car or used with any public transportation service in order to give you maximum flexibility and independence. The wheels can easily be detached with a quick release mecha-nism for compact loading

Weight per wheel: from 6.0 kg
Speed: up to 10 km/h (with optional Mobility Plus package)
Range: 8 – 12 miles range
Torque: 14.75 ft-lb
Max. permissible weight of person: 120 kg
Max. permissible total weight: 145 kg
Wheel size: 24"
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Batteries: maintenance-free lithium-ion cells
Technologies: BlueDrive, EasyConnex, energy recovery
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty