Same-Day Delivery
Weight Weight Capacity
70 lbs. 350 lbs.
Rifton Tram Lift (Gait Trainer & Sit-To-Stand Lift) Rental by Rifton (Model: Rent-Rifton-Tram-Lift)
The Rifton Tram Lift is a two in one lift that offers both transferring and gait training (walking). The lift allows for the user to be lifted with either support straps for transferring or a walking harness to help stand the patient up then begin walking around with the lift. For patients in need of walking rehabilitation the Rifton Tram can be a great option.
Weekly: $349.00
Monthly: $599.00
Overall Length Overall Width Overall Height Weight
45.5" 27.5" - 46 43.5" - 58 70 lbs
Rifton Tram by Rifton (Model: TRAM)
The Rifton Tram is a transfer and mobility device designed for the safety, convenience and dignity of both patient and caregiver.