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Daily Care Inc has a wide range of choices from all of the leading manufacturers. Browse our site to see the many different types of lift chairs that we have available from top names, such as Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. You can come to our Los Angeles storeroom to see and try out the chairs to make sure you are getting one that’s right for you. Our highly trained and knowledgeable staff are here to help!

What Is A Lift Chair?

A lift chair is a piece of durable medical equipment that looks similar to a home recliner. The most important function of the medical device is the lift mechanism that will lift the chair into a standing position, which helps the user easily transfer in and out of the chair. Lift Chairs come in several different styles, carrying different features along with them. The different types include:

  • 2-Position Lift Chair: The 2-Position lift chair is a basic lift chair option that will feature the standing function of the chair as well as a slight back recline and leg elevation. 2-Position Lift Chairs cannot fully lay flat for a sleeping position and do not allow for separate adjustment of the back and legs of the chair. Due to this, When the user presses the recline button, the back and foot section of the chair must move together. Due to this drawback many people look for 3-Position or Infinite positions lift chairs for better positioning and comfort.
  • 3-Position Lift Chair: The 3-Position Lift Chair is very similar in functionality to the 2 position lift chair, except it is able to recline further into a napping position. The 3-Position Lift Chair will not go flat into a full sleeping position. However, for users in need of multiple positions, the best option would be an Infinite Position Lift Chair
  • Infinite Position Lift Chair: The Infinite Position Lift Chair is capable of moving the back independently from the foot section of the bed. This is possible because they use 2 separate motors (1 for the back & 1 for the foot). With these positions, users will be able to full recline into a sleeping position.
  • Zero-Gravity Lift Chair: The Zero-Gravity Lift Chair is an infinite position lift chair that is able to go into the Zero-Gravity Position. The Zero-Gravity Lift Chair allows for the legs and head to be raised at just the right angle to reduce back pressure and increase circulation. This position allows for better health and sleep by encouraging the body's natural capability to relax as gravity is evenly distributed through the body.