Bathroom Safety

 Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies & Equipment, we carry the highest quality bathroom safety products for your needs.  These products help improve your safety and comfort in the bathroom. All of our best selling bathroom safety products are in stock and ready to be purchased. We offer the best customer service and best pricing on all of our bathroom safety products. We carry top brands including Medline, Invacare, Ocean Healthcare, & Eagle Health. 

  • Commode Chairs Commode chairs' main purpose is to give injured or disabled users an alternative to using the bathroom when walking becomes too difficult or dangerous. The chair comes with a waste bin attached to the bottom, which can easily be cleaned and reused. The chair is a practical and safe solution to injured users who cannot walk long distances, but would like to maintain their independence.
  • Raised Toilet Seats Raised Toilet Seats is an extra attachment to a regular toilet seat that gives users extra height and easier utilization. It is fit for those who have little mobility and find difficulty sitting and standing up from the seat.
  • Shower Chairs, Seats, and Bath Benches Shower chairs allow users to sit while showering, beneficial for those who cannot stand for long periods of time and have little mobility. The chairs are very lightweight and durable, giving users the option to move the chair freely and without difficulty. The chair is made from aluminum and plastic, ensuring that the product will last long and avoid rusting. The Shower Chairs are equipped with drain holes to allow water to escape, rubber caps to keep the chair in place, and handles on the side to allow for easier gripping as users get in and out of the shower.
  • Transfer Benches The main purpose of Transfer Benches is to allow users a means of transportation into the bathtub, giving them the opportunity to slide in safely. The bench sticks out from the side of the tub, allowing users to sit and slide themselves in.
  • Shower Wheelchairs Shower, or Bathroom, Wheelchairs are designed for users who struggle getting to the restroom, ensuring they will be able to get in and out without risks of falling or injury. The chairs come with a hole in the seat, similar to Commode Chairs. They also come with wheels, letting users get to and from the shower easily.