Walking Aids

Here at Daily Care Medical Supplies & Equipment, we carry the highest quality walking aids for your needs. We carry top brands including Nova, Carex & Invacare. A wide selection of walkers, rolling walkers & rollators are on display in our Los Angeles showroom. We offer the best customer service and pricing on all of our walking aids. Please call now (818) 705-0606 and one of our trained staff members will be happy to help you.

  • Walkers: A walker is a tool for users who require extra stability and support while moving around. The walker has two handles on the side that the user must grip as they walk, allowing them to lean on and transfer their pressure onto the walker. Users have the option of choosing whether they want wheels on their walker, which are always stationed at the front.
  • Rollators: A Rollator is similar to a walker, however, it moves on wheels. The Rollator has three or four wheels, two handles on the side, and a seat in the middle. The seat is convenient for users who get tired after walking for long periods of time, and need short resting periods. The Rollator is easy to maneuver because the wheels move in any direction.
  • Knee Walkers: A Knee Walker has three or four wheels and is used as an alternative to walkers, rollators and canes. The walker allows users to put a knee onto the platform while the other foot stays on the ground. This walker is best suited for those recovering from a leg injury who need to keep pressure off of their injured leg.