Rehab Equipment

Rehab equipment is created for easy transfers to different areas such as the bed, room or wheelchair. Daily Care provides a wide range of rehab equipment in order to satisfy the needs of any and every user! The different equipment that is offered include Rehab Equipment Rentals, Rehab Power Wheelchairs, Rehab Manual Wheelchairs, Power Assist Add-On System, and Standing Frames. With a wide range of equipment offered, as well as safety, independence and quality in mind, users are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for them!

  • Rehab Power Wheelchairs: Rehab Power Wheelchairs main purpose is to offer stability and easier means of transportation all while giving users the support they need through injuries or disabilities. The chairs can be customized depending on the circumstances of the injury/disability to fit the specific needs of each individual user. They are also designed for users who require assistance in mobility. These wheelchairs are best fit for those who are unable to use manual wheelchairs, and who have difficulty walking. They usually can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are easily maneuverable. Ideal for everyday use, Rehab Power Wheelchairs come equipped with armrests and footrests for additional convenience. They serve the purpose of safe, but comfortable transportation process for each user.
  • Rehab Manual Wheelchairs: Rehab Manual Wheelchairs allow users to propel themselves from their chair, or offers the option for a second party can push. These wheelchairs are designed for those who have greater means of mobility, but have trouble walking/standing for long periods of time. The chair is very lightweight, weighing under 15 pounds. This allows for easier transportation and storage. However, it is sturdier than a traditional wheelchair, and equipped for longer periods of travel. Rehab Manual Wheelchairs give users the option for greater independence and mobility, but ensure their safety and comfort at the same time.
  • Power Assist Add Ons: Manual wheelchairs are perfect for users seeking independence, however, it can be difficult to get up certain hills or travel around large areas such as campuses. Power Assist Add Ons provide the manual wheelchair with an extra push, and assist the user with any obstacles they may find difficulty facing alone. The device allows users to choose whether they want to drive the chair manually, or if they'd like to switch to power operations for extra assistance. These Power Assist Add Ons provide a variety of benefits, such as greater endurance and less pain. Constantly pushing a wheelchair can tire users out and cause pain, however, with the help of these add ons, users are able to relax.
  • Standing Frame: A Standing Frame is designed mainly for children who have little mobility but would like an alternative from sitting in a standard wheelchair. The Standing Frame allows the child to stay in an upright position for comfort, and provides many health benefits including improved bladder and bowel functions, maintaining and regaining bone density, and better respiratory functions. Many of the Standing Frames offered are able to be recline, and lay completely flat for additional comfort. These Standing Frames provide greater maneuverability, and allow the child to feel fully capable and less constricted in their day to day life.