FreeRider Luggie Super Folding Mobility Scooter

FreeRider USA (Model: Luggie_Super)
List Price: $4,398.00
Price: $3,399.00
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Free 1-Year In Home Service
12 Month Limited Warranty
Weight Weight Capacity Turning Radius Top Speed Drive Range Warranty
67 lbs 360 lbs 35.5" 4.50 mph 11 Miles 12 Month Limited

FreeRider Luggie Super Folding Mobility Scooter

Luggie Super offers the largest weight capacity of travel scooter in the world by FreeRider. Its size and agility lets users move convenient in and out of tight spaces like crowded restaurants, busy city streets, and even constrained airline spaces or even parties. With main features of half folding, the Luggie Super provides effort-less lifting to the trunk and allows users fold scooters flexible in any constrained spaces.

FreeRider Luggie Super Folding Mobility Scooter Features:

  • Model #: Luggie_Super
  • 360 Weight Capacity
  • 20.7" Overall Width
  • Quick Charger
  • Aluminum Alloy Frame
  • Weighs Only 67lbs
  • Great Warranty & Support
  • Adjustable Seat & Armrests
Maximum Speed 4.5 MPH
Maximum Load Capacity 360 lbs
Scooter Weight 67 lbs
Weight with Battery 72 lbs
Length 39" inches
Width 20.7" inches
Folded Length 28" inches
Folded Width 20.7" inches
Standard Battery 10.5 AH Lithium Ion Battery
Battery Range 11 Miles
Battery Charger Luggie Standard Charger
Drive Train 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle, rear-wheel drive
Break System Electro-magnetic
Turning Radius 35.5 inches
Front Tires 6" PU Solid Tires
Rear Tires 7" PU Solid Tires

Your Luggie is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase against faults arising due to defects in manufacture or materials. This guarantee does not detract from, but is in addition to your legal rights. Parts replaced or repaired under the terms of this guarantee will be covered for the balance of the 12 months period. This guarantee applies only to parts supplied or approved by Luggie.

Due to the individual prescription nature of this product, this guarantee is not transferable.

Note: Extended guarantee insurance can be arranged by your Luggie Distributor; they will be able to advise the extra cost of this cover.

Warranty Registration

To enable Luggie to handle any enquiries regarding the guarantee of your scooter, please complete and return the pre-paid warranty registration card supplied with your Scooter at your earliest convenience. If you prefer, use the Manufacturer Website.

Exclusions: This guarantee does not extend to consumable items which may need replacing due to normal wear and tear, namely tires, tubes, punctures, lubrication, carpets, oil seals, gaskets, screws, brake shoes, mirrors, bulbs, upholstery, motor brushes, fuses, batteries, handgrips, etc. or to damage to the product caused by mis-use, neglect, or accident for which Luggie or its agent cannot be held responsible.
This guarantee does not apply if your Luggie shows signs of excessive wear and abuse, or has been modified without the authority of Luggie.

This guarantee does not cover the following items:

  1. Any noise or vibration, which does not effect the quality and function of the machine.
  2. Damage due to lack of maintenance or improper use or operation or storage.
  3. Fees for the regular service inspection and maintenance.
  4. Any fees incurred as a result of the warranty repair, losses, or compensation because of the inability to use the scooter (telephone use, shipping, car rental, travel fees, etc.).

METAL WORK: Components, such as the framework and bright metal parts require spcial attention and may deteriorate in certain conditions. Moisture and salt may corrode parts left unattended, proprietary auto cleaner polishes should be used to prevent long term damage. Failure to clean and protect these components may void your warranty.

PAINT WORK: This guarantee does not cover for deterioration of paintwork resulting from the lapse of time i.e. natural fading. It is the users responsibility to clean and protect the painted surfaces.

SPEED CONTROLLER: Servicing of the speed controller or battery charger must only be carried out by your local authorised Luggie distributor. Any attempt to open or dismantle these items render the gurantee void on that item.

BATTERIES: Batteries carry a limited 12 month guarantee from the original manufacturer which is subject to a stringent wear and tear clause. Any battery faults due to a defect in the original manufacture will normally become obvious within the first two months of use. (See batteries and battery charging section of Owner's Manual). Any gradual deterioration in the performance after this period is normal and associated with fair wear and tear, mis-use or accidental damage and as such is not covered by the manufacturers warranty. (Batteries are guaranteed as single parts, only the failed part is replaceable).

Warning: Do not attempt to open the battery vent plugs.

Service Checks

In line with all mobility vehicles, your Luggie will benefit from regular service inspections to keep it in proline condition. The frequency of these service inspections will depend on the amount of use your vehicle is put to. We storngly recommend you contact your local Luggie distributor to arrange for a service visit. (See Care & Maintenance section of the Owner's Manual).

Your Luggie product must be fully serviced at least every 12 months or more frequently if conditions and use require it.

Please contact your authorised Luggie distributor who will be able to advise you of his current costs affecting service visits. Please note: Non-Warranty service costs are chargeable.

The warranty on your Luggie may not apply if routine maintenance is not carried out as defined in the 'Care and Maintenence' section in the Owner's Manual.

WARRANTY SERVICE LIST: If your Luggie should need attention due to failure as defined under the guarantee terms, please contact the distributor from whom you purchased your machine. The Luggie shown and described in this manual may not be exactly identical in every detail as your own Luggie. Hoewever, all instructions are still entirely relevant, irrespective of detail differences. If you are not sure of any details, please consult your Luggie Authorized Distributor before driving your Scooter.


Luggie disclaims all responsibility for any personal injury or property damage which may occur as a result of improper or unsafe use of its products. Mechanical or electrical defects will be dealt with on a contingency liability boasts. The part or parts will be replaced or repaired but no responsibility for damage or injury can be implied to Luggie.

Guidelines in this manual are intended to assist you in the safe operations of your Luggie powered Scooter. If you should have any questions about the correct operation of your scooter, please contact your authorized Luggie dealer. Consult your doctor and therapist if you are in doubt about your ability to operate your Luggie scooter.

It is the responsibility of the user to carry out daily inspections and regularly maintain and keep records of inspection and maintenance covered in the Owner's Manual. The user is also responsible for the proper use of the scooter as detailed in the Owner's Manual.